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Garage Door Repair Danvers
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Our garage door repair services are meticulous and ensure longevity and stability of the door and absolute safety.

Track alignment

Our company strongly recommends that you look at the tracks on a fairly regular basis in order to ensure that their alignment is not out of synch. First of all the horizontal should slat down towards the back. The height must be the same as the walls. Loosen them and tap back into position if there is misalignment.

Clean metal garage door parts with a citrus-based solvent

This is an effective way for cleaning the metal parts and for protecting them from rust according to the professionals of our garage door company. The citrus-based solvent is potent and safe at the same time. It will do an excellent job every time you use it.

Weather-stripping installation

Our professional technicians at Danvers make sure that the right weather-stripping is used depending on the material of the garage door. If it is made of wood, a coat of sealant must be applied before nailing it at the bottom. The thick side of the strip must be face outside and the size must be precise to fit perfectly.

Choosing garage door opener

Garage Door Repair Danvers will be able to suggest great features that are beneficial for you and your family. Openers are made of different brands so choose the most trusted and durable one. Get an opener with the most advanced features to maximize safety and security.

Garage Door Repair Danvers

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