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Interested in fixing and repairing your garage door? Check our list of FAQs to learn more about it.

Why does my garage door make loud screeching noises?

Loud noises mean that the tracks or hinges of your garage door require cleaning or lubrication. It could also mean that something is stuck between the moving parts. Check the part where the noise is coming from and visually inspect if it is any of these causes, which should not be difficult to fix, according to our experts.

Why garage doors reverse?

Garage doors reverse when the sensors are not aligned or there are other problems related to the opener. If the reverse mechanism detects that something obstructs the door from closing, it will keep opening the door until this obstruction is removed. Sometimes, this is a false alarm and the issue will be solved by aligning the sensors.

Why do garage door tracks get rusty?

Just like all hardware parts of modern garage doors, they are made from galvanized steel which doesn’t rust and corrode when it is in contact with air and water. This is because of the zinc coating which the steel has received during the galvanization process. The lower ends of the tracks get rusty when this coating is damaged. The damage is typically caused by road salts and some types of driveway cleaners.

Garage Door Repair Danvers

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