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Three Main Reasons for Garage Door Accidents

11/30/2013 Back To Blog

All machines can add some troubles in your life and the garage doors are not the exception to the rule. The garage door opener, the garage door springs or the cables may become the cause of an accident, if you ignore the basic safety rules and neglect garage door maintenance.

In reality, this is the benefit you can have by working with the best garage door company in Danvers.

The technicians can periodically check your garage door parts and fix the damaged ones preventing sudden accidents. Professional garage door companies are the only ones that they can help you avoid unfortunate situations and give you some basic tips and advices.
?What causes garage door accidents

  •     If you neglect to call for a regular maintenance and garage door adjustment or keep postponing garage door repair. Most problems send out signals and warning signs and the only thing you should do is take notice. If you hear strange noises from the garage door opener, for example, or the garage door doesn’t close properly, you should call an emergency garage door company in MA.
  •     If you neglect to update your garage door, especially if it’s rather old dating prior to 1993, when new laws obliged manufacturers to equip garage doors with extra safety features that eliminated accidents significantly.
  •     If you don’t follow basic rules when using your garage door. Many people have been injured when attempted to fix their garage doors on their own. Some things must be repaired only by professionals, especially garage door torsion springs.
  •     If you let your children or pets play around the garage door, especially if it’s open and the sensors don’t work properly or you haven’t installed them yet.
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